The method of treatment depends on the type of water. We give an overview of the five most important sources of water.

In European countries in our business we generally treat in the first place city water and in second place ground water, through private wells. There is tendency of treating more and more sea water and rain water.

In the USA the market of ground water, through private wells is bigger than the market of city water. In China most of people have access to city water, but it is not drinkable. In countries around the Mediterranean sea and in the middle east there is a very big market for
seawater treatment.

All types of water have different compositions. Groundwater is different from surface water and rain water. Groundwater in one region is different from ground water in another region. Two neighbours with a private well can have different water quality, depending from the depth of the well and the composition of the underground. The seawater in the north sea has a different salinity than the water in other seas, like the Mediterranean sea or the Death sea.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

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