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Well Water

We created a range that is effective in removing any cation that occurs in your  well water. Whether it is iron, manganese, calcium,  sulfur or ammonia. Together with your installer  and based on a water sample, we define the filter  media that suits your situation the best. Apart from  the adjusted filter media, you can count on the  advanced electronics, energy saving & compact  design that makes Vision Water that unique!

What makes your Vision Water Well Water unique?

Advanced electronics

Whether you chose for care, safe or complete, your Vision Water softener uses advanced electronics thanks to the Water Right© technology.

High performance

The combination of a unique air chamber with a specialized media is guaranteeing a high performance in a unit with a relatively small foot print.


Our Vision Water filters eliminate rust colored stains from iron on you lawndry and preserves the life of your plumbing and appliances.

Safe unit

The range is available in a Care-Save-Complete execution guaranteeing different options for safety and peace of mind.

Air Filter & Crystal Right Filter

Every household has unique water - and individual water treatment needs. The Well Complete line is designed to target and solve the specific water problems you experience in your home.

WIFI Connection

Thanks to the WIFI-connection, you can consult through a mobile web application your device, ask for a salt alarm, see excessive water use, etc. If any problems occur, your installer can assist you from a distance guaranteeing you a carefree softener.


Available for 1”
Dot Matrix back-light multi colour screen
Multiple languages
Energy saving features
Service alarm
Displays phone number of your installer
Filter media apt to treat you specific well water (Birm, Centaur, Filox,…)
Patented Crystal Right media
Disinfection through chlorinator + salt alarm
Disinfection through ozone
Proportional regeneration
Low battery and low voltage indication
Double regeneration and alternate regeneration
90 days/24 hours historical data
1 free programmable relay contact
2 free programmable relay contacts
Double output for MAV and/or NHWB
Second water meter possible
Optional Wireless connection through wifi
Colour change of display during regeneration
For you. For them.

Your water is precious

Dealer Network

Vision Water works with an international network of certified dealers.

Our Solutions

Vision Water is about offering your home comfort in terms of better water and peace of mind. We have solutions for city water, well water, drinking water,…

High-end products

We offer POU (point-of-use) and POE (point-of-entry) products for the residential market, with unique technological features inside


Our products


Softening is the removal of calcium.

Well Water

Filtering well water is the removal of calcium, iron, magnesium and other metals.


Reverse Osmosis units take out all elements in the water to get the safest residential water.


Pre-filters take out small sediments in your water.


Single point-of-use filter cartridges improve your taste, odor or concentration of sediments.
For you. FOR THEM.

Your Water

Softened Water

Softening of water is the removal of calcium. Softened water extends the lifetime of your household applications, saves you energy costs & detergents and improves your skin & hair. Using softened water has a positive effect on your way of living.

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Well Water

Each well has a different water quality. Whether it is iron, manganese, calcium, sulfur or ammonia, we define the filter media that suits your situation the best.

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Drinking Water

We improve the taste, the odor, filtration or the sediments in the water of your faucet. Specific Vision Water solutions make your water drinkable.

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