The worldwide consumption of single-use plastic is still rising. In 2004, 300 billion plastic bottles were sold. In 2016, this number rose to 480 billion. This means an increase of 62,5%. In 2021, the number of bottles sold yearly will rise to 583.3 billion. Another increase of 82,3%. According to research by Euromonitor, the enormous demand for plastic bottles is largely the result of the urbanisation of China. With climate change and global warming, things are not looking good. Time to change.

Drinking tap water is the only logical solution to drastically reduce our consumption of single-use plastic bottles. It gives us the best change to achieve climate protection goals in Europe, the US and the rest of the world. In most industrialised countries, you can drink water from the tap and get filters and water dispensers that filter, chill and sparkles tap water very easily. They are not that expensive and make life easier and more comfortable. To drink filtered tap water is to save money, the planet and trips to the store. For You. For Them.

1 000 000

47 000 000

500 000 000 000



3 liters

3 000 000 tons


2 000 times more

100 times more

“It is the worst of times, but it is the best of times because we still have a chance. Our past, our present, and whatever remains of our future, absolutely depend on what we do now.”

Sylvia Earle