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Well Water

During the journey through the cracks and spaces in soil, sand and rock, water will come in contact with other chemical compounds and will dissolve partially those compounds.The most important dissolved components of well water include sand, silt, clay, organic matter that comes from plant debris, as well as iron, algae, bacteria and many other things.

A well water treatment removes these suspended particles, color, odor, etc. from the water so you can enjoy clean water each and every time.

Granular media filtration

Granular media filtration is a treatment process whereby water is passed through a filter medium consisting of granules (pellets) with the intention to remove suspended solids, color, odor, etc. from the water removal.
Most common problems we can solve with granular media filtration

Types of granular filter media

As you can see, the scope of application of filtration is very broad. Broadly speaking, we can state that a particular problem is addressed with a very specific filter medium or a combination of several media.

Sediment removal
Catalytic effect & oxidation/ reduction
Chlorine removal
pH correction
Activated aluminum oxide
Activated carbon
Aluminum Silicate (pure)
Calcium carbonate
Iron oxide
Magnesium oxide
Manganese oxide
Sand & Silix

Our Well Water

We created a range that is effective in removing any cation that occurs in your well water. Whether it is iron, manganese, calcium, sulfur or ammonia. Together with your installer and based on a water sample, we define the filter media that suits your situation the best. Apart from the adjusted filter media, you can count on the advanced electronics, energy saving & compact design that makes Vision Water that unique!