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Softened Water

A water softener lowers the hardness from the water by removing calcium. Softened water extends the lifetime of your household applications, saves you energy costs & detergents and improves your skin & hair. Using softened water simply has a positive effect on your way of living. We guide you through some interesting and convincing thoughts on softening water.

Where does hardness come from?

We mainly use city water (or tap water) and the most important source of city water always is groundwater. A lot of hardness can be present in ground water. The most outside layer of the Earth is the crust. Almost 75% of the upper layer of the crust is covered by sedimentary rocks. The three types of sedimentary rock are shale (clay in the form of stone), sandstone (quartz, sand, gravel, granite, …) and limestone (skeletons of marine organisms in the form of stone). Calcium and magnesium are largely present in limestone and in chalk.

Water flows through the different ground layers and will dissolve partially the substances it comes in contact with. That’s why you find in water calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron, … The longer the water stays in contact with a limestone layer the harder the water will be.

Advantages of Soft Water

Hard water is never a health risk, but it can cause other problems because of its tendency to cause calcium and magnesium build up in water. Softened water comes with some very clear advantages:

Extend the lifetime of your pipework and all household applications

Depending on the water hardness, the water consumption and some other parameters, your water pipe or reservoir can be completely blocked and will need to be replaced. Thanks to softened water, you extend the lifetime of your pipework and household applications.

Safe soap

At home you also need big quantities of soaps and detergents to wash your body, your clothing, clean the floor, etc. When the water is hard, the soap will be less effective, because a big part of the soap will be used to neutralise the scale and only a minor part will be used for real cleaning.

A positive effect on hair & skin

Hard water can cause skin problems, because washing in hard water will leave soap behind, it causes people’s skin to get dried out and itchy. Hard water is especially problematic for people who have skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Save up to € 650.00 per year

Several non-profit organisations representing the water softening business have calculated that a normal family of 4 people can save up to 650.00 euro per year by installing a water softener. Saving means that the investment in a water softener is earned back.


Our Softening solutions

A softener is a Point of Entry (POE) system that is installed in the main water line in your home before being distributed to any outlet point, such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms,… All water entering your home will be treated, before being used.