We are very happy to welcome our new Vision Water Dealer for Belgium : Aqua Claro NV in Heffen ( Mechelen).

We value our dealers and their experiences very much. Aquaclaro is a confirmed WaterTreatmentSpecialist who operates nationally since more than 30 years in the Belgian market. With Visionwater, we offer them the opportunity to penetrate the high-end domestic market, where customer is king and peace-of-mind for the end user queen. Visionwater will support them with high quality products and newest technologies like HSP & Wifi-connection. Visionwater offers extended marketing and sales support and we will help them to meet and exceed our joint market-share-objectives. We wish directors Martine Bellemans and Johan Panny, and the complete Aquaclaro team all the best in creating a sustainable business with Visionwater. For You. For Them.