Vision Water is a brand of Pollet Water Group. We are dedicated to developing solutions that improve the quality of water and enable a more efficient use of water. We engineer, assemble and commission. With more than 1000 water experts worldwide, we are committed to offering intelligent and user-friendly water treatment solutions. By applying the most advanced technologies, we take up the biggest challenge of our time: water. Join our mission. Make Water Count.


Pollet Water Group is constantly looking for innovative ways to conserve water. On top of the HSP (High Softening Performance) guarantee, the electronic valves of our Premium Vision Water Softeners are equipped with WET. The ‘Water Efficient Technology’ optimizes the electronics of your premium softener to specifically reduce the amount of water and salt during the regeneration and brining processes. WET reduces waste and saves money! Additionally of the HSP benefits, WET will improve savings by 5 to 15%, depending on the dimension of the softener unit.

What does regeneration and brining mean?

For the well-functioning of a softener, the regeneration process is crucial. At a certain point, the resin bed of your softener is saturated with calcium from hard water. In the regeneration process, your softener flushes away those minerals and makes sure the softener is ready to soften new water. One of those crucial steps in the process is brining. The saturated resin will be reactivated: the Ca2+ and Mg2+ are pushed from the resin beads and replaced by Na+ ions.

Proportional regeneration
Proportional brining

Thanks to the advanced electronics of our Vision Water Softeners, we can implement a smarter and proportional way of regeneration and brining. The cycles will be automatically adjusted to match how much resin has been exhausted and therefore reduces the amount of needed rinse water. If less water is processed, also less salt is needed.



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Never forget to refill your salt


A softener is a Point of Entry (POE) system that is installed in the main water line in your home before being distributed to any outlet point, such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms,… All water entering your home will be treated, before being used.