Drinking enough clean water has a lot of health benefits. First and foremost it prevents dehydration and all its drawbacks. Most of us know this already but sometimes we need a little reminder to drink the right amount of water. Luckily there is Hydro, the free health app that helps you drink enough every day.

Hydro App

The Hydro application is a simple water drink reminder to motivate you to drink the correct amount of water. The app calculates your daily water needs and sends alerts to your smartphone to remind you to drink.

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Health benefits

Kidneys, muscles, skin, heart, … water has benefits for every organ in your body. A glass of water at the appropriate time can improve your life tremendously. You just have to remember to drink. Take care of yourself and drink enough clean water.

Vision Water Filter Cartridges

Drinking tap water has a lot of advantages. No more carrying water bottles around. No more plastic waste. You save on trips to the store. You save money. You have better tasting water. If you want to stay hydrated the tastiest, cheapest and healthiest way, drinking tap water is always your best option. The Vision Water Filter Cartridges make sure you always have a steady stream of clean and drinkable water. That way you do not have to worry about ‘running out’ of water.