Water treatment
with a vision

With Vision Water you opt for an environmental friendly solution that protects all sanitary applications in your house & makes water treatment very user-friendly. For you. For them.


Our products


Softening is the removal of calcium.

Well Water

Filtering well water is the removal of calcium, iron, magnesium and other metals.


Reverse Osmosis units take out all elements in the water to get the safest residential water.


Pre-filters take out small sediments in your water.


Single point-of-use filter cartridges improve your taste, odor or concentration of sediments.
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About us

Water is our most precious resource. It determines our way of living, our comfort, our health. Vision Water brings you a new concept for your residential water. With Vision Water, we commit ourselves to protect your water.

Our Vision Water devices treat the water in your homes and offer you safe & softened residential water. It’s our mission to develop the best possible devices that guarantee a longer life time of your household appliances, a healthier skin, softer laundry, less usage of soap, …

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Our Know-How

Vision Water is a brand of Pollet Water Group. We are dedicated to developing solutions that improve the quality of water and enable a more efficient use of water. We engineer, assemble and commission. With more than 1000 water experts worldwide, we are committed to offering intelligent and user-friendly water treatment solutions. By applying the most advanced technologies, we take up the biggest challenge of our time: water. Join our mission. Make Water Count.

Looking for
a Dealer

Vision Water works with an international network of certified dealers. Our dealers have an extended experience in water treatment and can support you with technical assistance, commissioning & follow-up orders like salt deliveries, filtration, etc. A Vision Water dealer assists you in the best possible way guaranteeing you a trouble-free solution. A dealer who is there for you. Get to know our dealers!