Vision Water is a brand of Pollet Water Group. We are dedicated to developing solutions that improve the quality of water and enable a more efficient use of water. We engineer, assemble and commission. With more than 1000 water experts worldwide, we are committed to offering intelligent and user-friendly water treatment solutions. By applying the most advanced technologies, we take up the biggest challenge of our time: water. Join our mission. Make Water Count.


HSP guarantees you the highest softening performance of a softener. The technology improves the efficiency in order to highly reduce your salt and water consumption. All our Vision Water Softeners are equipped with HSP as standard. HSP? The most economical & ecological way to obtain softened water. For you. For them.


Pollet Water Group developed the HSP-technology to improve the efficiency of softeners. Compared to a classic softener, a HSP-version saves significantly more salt and water. The end result is a much lower cost per m3 softened water. HSP was established based on our long experience with water treatment and intensive research & development. The Vision Water Softeners are all HSP-certified. We apply specific and well-defined parameters to achieve the best performing units. Thanks to these parameters, we ensure that we offer you the specific volumetric capacity you require. It is in the end the most efficient softener.



Less Water Consumption

Decreases water consumption up to 41%.

Less Salt Consumption

Decreases salt consumption up to 38%.

Lowers The Price

Lowers the price of 1L softened water up to 39%.

Lower your ecological footprint

Preserving our planet is more important than ever. HSP offers a solution to lower your ecological footprint. The HSP-Technology makes your rinse water consumption drop up to 41 % compared to a classically sized softener. Less water is required to perform an equally good regeneration. Furthermore, the consumption of salt per regeneration drops up to 38 %, decreasing the quantity of salt that goes down the drain.

Lower your costs

Next to the ecological benefits of HSP, the reduction of salt & water also has economical benefits. Water is becoming more and more scarce so price will only go up in the future. The HSP-Technology reduces the cost price to produce 1 m3 softened water up to 39 %!

Different from classic softeners

The settings of classic softeners are defined based on a more traditional model. HSP adds its own intelligence thanks to advanced research & development. Each device that carries the HSP-label was thoroughly tested on higher efficiency, lowering the salt and rinse water consumption.